This is DreamMaker. Game is available at this link Pony Club

Hello! We are a small team of developers working on the ManeQuest project. While we have lots and lots of ideas, we don't have a lot of spare time, so we decided to split one big project into several main steps:

First step - we made PonyDreamMaker! It's an app where you can create your own pony-characters! With this app you will be able to preview your character's appearance in the upcoming games!

Step two - is what we are working on right now. We are making an online game, where you can edit your character, speak with other players and more. Gameplay includes exploring in game locations, mini-games, riddles and various other secrets, which will increase with every update. We are actively experimenting with new things, which we will add and test with you! Support us throught Patreon to help the project grow and gain access to exclusive news!

Third step - the creation of full fledged pony-rpg with it's own universe, open world, quests and interaction with other characters.